The youth are the future. Seven years ago, in the Summer of 2011, we began a journey. One that was awakened by tragedy and death in our small community of Taos, NM. Our hearts prayer, for the healing of the generations to come, for the healing of our children's children. That though we carried much grief over the loss of our young ones, that what seemed so dark, could fertilize an even greater movement of life, for those still here.

2018, our 8th Annual Festival, we are focusing on Renewal – New Beginnings. Re-NEW-ALL has to do with the process of rebuilding from past historical trauma, death, suicide and loss - from the ashes, comes new life, new beginnings for all. As Regeneration takes place in our lives, in our communities, in our children, across generations - may that which was intended for death and darkness, come to healing and RE-New-ALL. May our prayers for a brighter future continue to flourish, may our UNITY continue to grow and spread the message of hope, love, and empowerment for the next Seven Generations to come, for all life matters.

Regeneration Festival is an inter-generational movement of change and to uplift future community leaders. Will you join us?

Regeneration Festival will take place on Labor dAY WEEKEND



Join the world in celebration of the next generation
Celebrate 1, 2, 3, or ALL 4 DAYS in whatever way you want. As Lakota ancestor Sitting Bull once said, "Let us put our minds together and see what life we can create for our children."


Please consider donating to Regeneration Festival in order to help us with our costs. Go to our fiscal sponsor and donate here. 

We rely on the generosity of community members and the volunteers to make Regeneration Festival possible each year. No one receives payment for their organizing. Please show your support to help us acquire some basics such as food, snacks, supplies, banner updating, and helping performers with travel expenses. Thank you so much for anything that you can bless us with.

You can help Regeneration Festival in so many ways - volunteering, showing up to celebrate with us or doing a celebration in your own community and monetary donations.

If you cannot donate monetarily, then you are welcome to donate your time, energy and skills to us. Please contact us if you are able to help out!