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Maybe you want to join the Community Fast for our youth, for our town of Taos, for the next Seven Generations to come?

Maybe you want to have a booth at the Community Concert on Sunday September 2nd? Send us a message on the contact page!

Below are some of the ways in which people around the world have contributed to Regeneration Festival. Maybe their ideas will inspire some of your own!


Kuranda Regeneration Festival - Australia 2014

Gora Fall of Senegal brought bread and candy to the children of his hometown on the international day of prayer for youth, which will occur on September 6, 2015.

In Kuranda, Australia, the community conducted a Youth River Walk. Thank you Lisa and all the Kuranda team for praying with us for 3 years!

In Taos, New Mexico, the children created well wishes card for the youth of Palestine.

In Germany, the youth mentors spent the whole day in the gardens picking sun ripened apples and pears.

Children of the Higa-onon Tribe of the Philippines were brought into nature together and taught how to protect the rivers and forest as a way of honoring the culture and prayers of their ancestors.

Students of Devv Sanskriti University in Haridwar, India celebrated Regeneration Festival by performing their traditional Raksha Bandhan ceremony, where the sister ties a special bracelet to her brother's wrist and he in turn promises to protect her for the rest of his life.

Dave Peterson of Taos, NM cooked enough food for over 100 people at a concert showcasing young poets and musicians.

Tracy Jaramillo of Taos, New Mexico helped to organize a celebration of infants and toddlers in the park complete with musical instruments, dancing, art, bubbles and plenty of loving support.

In Amersfoort, Holland, Terrie Allan spent a whole day with 8 young women baking and making crafts.

In Oakland, California youth mentors brought workshops, healthy foods and music to Lake Merritt to share with young people who came to receive the gifts.

Please share any ideas you may have by contacting us.