What: 8th Annual Regeneration Festival: RENEWAL
When: Labor Day Weekend, Friday August 31st - Monday September 3rd
Where: Various Locations, Taos, NM
Who: all-ages welcome!
Cost: Free!
Contact: Christalyn Concha 505.980.3387 email 

The 8th Annual Regeneration Festival kicks off on Friday August 31st and runs til Monday September 3rd, with multiple events planned over the Four Days, and several of them being completely new offerings. Renewal is the theme this year, with a focus on new beginnings, new life that emerges from tragedy is a consistent theme with Regeneration, and Renewal takes on various forms this year. Regeneration Festival began in response to several untimely passing of youth in Taos community in 2011, from overdose, to violence and suicide. the Community arose in response with a Four Day Festival, complete with Prayer initiatives, Fasting, and Youth Activates, all in efforts to address both spiritual and physical issues and to express to the youth that they are loved, supported, and precious.

This year, a new Youth leader has emerged with fresh vision and insight, Jude Seth Sanchez (17) adding aStarlight Devotional on Friday night to coincide with the Night Walk led by Silke Markoski. All ages are invited for a outdoor excursion in Taos Canyon, meeting at the First Campground parking lot, and then walking in the dark together to the Springs where a memorial stands for a young women who passed in 2011. Both elders and youth will walk together, sing, pray, and the adults will circle back, as a campfire type talk will commence with youth (ages 12-27), led and facilitated by Sanchez.

"The starlight Devo is a time to reflect, to gather together, and unify as a generation in order to walk a path ultimately closer to one another as a body. Talking amongst each other is the first stepping stone that can bring us closer together. I'm excited to see how this event will take root within our hearts and be remembered for times to come," says Sanchez.

"May we overcome our fear and look at what is facing us in these times, may we trust that the earth has an ancient wisdom that carries our feet into the night, safely and with the guidance that served our ancestors." Silke Markowski

Saturday afternoon 1-3p, a Town Wide Reconciliation is planned at The Taos Plaza. The Mayor will issue a proclamation, declaring Reconciliation in Taos, and Taos Pueblo Tribal members and leaders are confirmed to attend, in a gesture of acknowledging past violence in Taos History in efforts to heal and come together for the Hope of Future Generations. Other such initiatives have been surfacing in communities across the Nation and Globe. All are welcome and invited to attend.

"Much atrocities, bloodshed, slavery and acculturation have occurred on Taos soil. The past often surfaces through violence/abuse, drug and alcohol addictions, and present day tensions which can be barriers to cohesive relationships. In light of these Historic events, it becomes clear that great suffering has resulted in the name of conquest, control and dominance. Much death, abuse, and hostility has occurred cross culturally. May this simple gesture of acknowledging the past and apology, be a seed that grows into a greater movement of healing and repair for restored relationships in Taos and beyond." Christalyn Concha - Co Founder of Regeneration Festival and Taos Pueblo Tribal Member

Following Reconciliation Saturday Afternoon, Rocky Mountain Youth Coorps Youth has organized a Glow Party from 7p-9p, with glow toys, paint, and black light fun at the BassMint, where The BassMint Djs will also be filling the room with electrifying beats.

The BassMint Djs Lola Shropshire, and Oz Leshem, have been taking classes in Djing and also helping plan this year's Community Concert Sunday, September 2nd, 10a-7p. From the posters to booth ideas, they have dreamed and visioned together with Christalyn Concha at the BassMint, an interactive learning space for ages 12-27. 

This year's headliners include, 2006 Native GRAMMY Recording Artist and 2008 Native American Music Award Winner for "Song Writer of the Year" Star Nayea (bio below), and World Renowned Mc, Wake Self(bio below). Also youth performances with The BassMint DjsTaos Youth Ballet, Aedin Miller, Eden Ratigan, Kamaeli Leon,Wren and many more! Booths filled with fun activities, including prayer flag making, jewelry making, Face Painting, Storytelling, Labyrinth by Living Labyrinths, Dunk Tank - where various law enforcement and first responders will be dunked, and Bouncy House.

Stephanie Waters who is assisting in co-coordinating booths and activities for the first time this year has noted"As I am reaching out further into the community for contributions and support it is evident that Regeneration Festival has really become a staple for our Taos community of events".

This is the second year RF has partnered up with Angie Fernandez who is a local wellness/zero waste consultant, to promote healthy values at the Concert, which include minimal waste and healthy food options. This year there will be a free “build a better Taco” Bar and other healthy snacks offered include: watermelon, roasted corn and popcorn.

RF also encourages attendees to BYOC- Bring your own container (water bottles, plate/bowl and eating utensils). There will be some containers to give. This will reduce the amount of trash that is usually associated with food and beverages at large events.  

Monday afternoon at 4p a special Youth Sweat Lodge Led by Pat Mccabe is being offered for ages 10-27. Please email to reserve your spot! 

"Regeneration Festival has provided a healing platform for both youth and community members and is an opportunity for our community to come together to celebrate resiliency and recognize the generational traumas that lead to destructive behaviors, in which lives are lost. With every loss, there are circles of people who are impacted. If we can come together to celebrate and honor our youth, elderly, family, friends, and community, we can raise the next generation with strength. " Victoria Flores, CORE Organizer of Regeneration Festival

Special Thanks to all of our committed community leaders, organizations, businesses, performers and Students that have taken initiative this year, to help vision, and create this year's Festival, and to the CORE Team: Jude Sanchez, Darilynn Mcclure, Victoria Flores, Christalyn Concha, Lyla Johnston, Todd Wynward, Jacquelyn Cordoba, Angie Fernandez, Daniel Brown, Daniel Escalante, Silke Markowski,Lauren Turley, Mitch MillerTaos HOPE, The Giving Tree, Reading to End Racism, The BassMint, UNM Digital Media Arts, The BassMint Students - Lola, Oz, Rasa Lila, Farm House Café and Bakery, Cid’s Food Market,, Southside Ace hardware, Mark Schuetz Grass Fed Beef, Walmart, Smith’s, Albertsons, Taos Ski Valley, Taos Valley Lodge, Common Grounds, Rocky Mountain Youth Coorps, Dream Tree Project, The Town of Taos, Taos Academy, CAV, United Taos, and Alpine Achievers.